What Activities Should Your School Have To Promote An Integral Development?

A comprehensive development is essential for a complete education, including all the knowledge necessary to develop in the classroom and, in turn, encourage your children to leave them, providing practical skills for them to apply in their day to day. This integral development is not completed only by theory, there are activities that reinforce and complement it.

Maths enrichment class singapore can offer to promote the integral development of your child, and complement their education through practical learning:

Sport activities

Healthy sports activities help children in their psychomotor development, but not only that: they teach them to relate, to follow rules, to work as a team, to recognize their personal effort, to overcome themselves and to set goals. In addition, through sports, they learn many values ​​such as solidarity, self-motivation, companionship, personal improvement, as well as learning to win and learning to lose.

Sports can offer your school are football, karate, basketball, volleyball, athletics, fencing, gymnastics, etc. You must let your little one chooses the one that he likes, if he does not have preference over one in particular, let him try a class of each one and decide for himself; Remember the importance of sport in the education of children.

Speed ​​up thinking

Activities that accelerate thinking and related to brain functions, are a great tool to get your child to have an integral development. You can enroll them, for example, chess or a reading workshop.

Chess workshop: helps them to control emotional and cognitive impulses, allows them to learn to analyze, organize ideas, synthesize variables, organize information, develop their capacity for decision making, as well as their levels of attention and concentration.

Reading workshop: it stimulates your sense of judgment, your critical analysis, acquisition and transmission of knowledge, improves the expressive and communicative skills of your child, improves your spelling, drives your creativity and imagination, among many others.

Techniques of innovation and technology

Nowadays it is impossible to understand the teaching of new generations without technology, so taking a robotics workshop or managing software and programming can have many benefits. It will help your child in his constructive part and, the computer programming, will help him develop his analytical, logical, inductive and deductive thinking. You will also encourage their creativity, problem solving, scientific skills, among many others.

Manual activities

The manual activities are fundamental for your child to have a full educational development. These activities can include from plastic arts or drawing, as well as crafts workshop, carpentry workshop or even kitchen. Learn a little more about its benefits.

Art Workshop: will stimulate your two cerebral hemispheres, the technical part that includes follow-up of rules, models, structures, etc., and the creative, reflective, analytical, intuitive, perceptive, expressive, etc. Art develops its cultural learning, helps them to learn to be free, to improve their senses, stimulates their perception of physical space, their motor and eye coordination, among many others.

Cooking workshop: gives your little one the possibility of developing logical processes such as association and classification; cognitive processes such as manipulation of elements, mixtures and separation; development of nutritional behaviors and eating habits, as well as teaching them about personal hygiene and hygiene.

Musical expression

The main advantage of the musical expression are the communicative abilities, essential in any stage of growth. Music gives children emotional security, confidence, self-understanding , respect for others, concentration, improvements in memory and ability to learn in technical matters and openness to understanding other languages.

Children with musical abilities express themselves better bodily, have greater understanding of language, rhythmic control, coordination, among many other advantages. Your school can offer dance classes, cheer-leading workshops or instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, flute, violin, etc.

Social responsibility

If your children enroll in a voluntary activity, they will learn to solve problems, to value what they have, to organize and plan activities, to manage time, to be responsible, to think of others and their environment, to commit themselves and with its surroundings, among many others.

It may be recycling activities or volunteering at other institutions, whether charities or public institutions, in the end this will help you to form children with values.

For a school to guarantee the integral development of its students, it is very important that it offers optional workshops where its students can complement all the theoretical knowledge they learn in the classrooms and acquire different skills that will make a difference in their learning. Invite your children to choose at least one of these activities, so they will learn recreational and have fun complementing their academic training; Consider the offer of these activities when choosing your school.