The Process Of Changing From Kindergarten To Kindergarten

Going to school is an exciting and challenging time for children and families. The transition from an early childhood education, such as the change from IMSS nurseries to kindergarten, can be a process that brings positive experiences and rewards that lead children towards a successful path. This can also be a period of vulnerability for many children. An effective transition is critical to the development, confidence, resilience and success of a child. You can join your child at enrichment class singapore .

It is necessary to understand this transition as a process and not as a unique and exceptional situation. When starting classes, children take different time margins to feel comfortable and ready to begin effective learning . The transition from kindergarten to kindergarten is much more complex than simply acclimating the child to the environment, teachers and school. It is a process that must be taken seriously and in which the entry times must be anticipated to benefit the performance of the child in terms of the transition process and to have a better understanding as to which is the ideal place for your son continue his learning.

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers, to help children navigate within the educational system. The change of school is a challenge at any stage in either a small or an adolescent. Every transition requires the child to become familiar with their new environment. It is very important that teachers and parents help during this process to facilitate the changes they will experience.  As a result, learning is a continuous and constant process.

Children who experience an easy and timely transition acquire the personal confidence to deal with the changes that are presented to them in the future and parents will be facilitated to organize their time to take the best available option regarding the future of their child.

Do not leave this important decision for the moment you have to take it. Take time to analyze your options and understand the process involved in this transition for you and your child.