The Game: Learning, Enrichment and New Experiences

Already at this age, children have defined part of their personality, their self-image, as well as the relationship with the people around them, through the expression of their emotions and feelings, having the opportunity to express themselves, to feel, to take decisions.


Enrichment Class Singapore is easier for one as a teacher to identify who is the shy of the class, the extrovert, the leader, the intellectual, the explorer, the spoiled one, because children act naturally, spontaneously and what better time for them to discover their abilities social, empathy towards some colleagues more than others, their tastes and preferences that the recess or those moments when children play: the game is the basis of life.


Since we are born, it is played and done spontaneously because it is a need we have to understand everything that happens around us.


In Transition, the children discover the game in group or in team, for example when they play “deer’s and hunters” they acquire social skills, they learn to cooperate, they learn that if everyone has a common goal, they will all get it and know how to respect to the others, and as if that were not enough, through the games they improve the language, increase their intellectual development and learn to manage tolerance to frustration; Here it is important to emphasize that human beings always want things to go as we want, but this does not always happen; of course children always want to win games and when this does not happen, they cry, they leave the game because “it’s boring” when they’ve enjoyed it, but since they did not win, they see it as boring, because they did not get what they wanted: win .

During the game they also learn to memorize and something very important: to reason, because it presents situations in which children will have to find solutions.


It is in the hands of parents to provide spaces in which they can play with their children and know how to take advantage of the situations that arise so that they acquire all the good things that the game brings, because it is clear that it gives many educational and formative possibilities and although the Child does not play to learn, he will end up enrichment class singapore by playing, because the game is learning, enrichment and new experiences.


Part of the development of children and their daily life is aimed at the acquisition of values ​​and norms of social coexistence; values ​​such as punctuality, responsibility, respect, equality, empathy, tolerance, justice, friendship and honesty, we work in Tordesillas in small monthly campaigns so that they go back, it is a work home-school , here it is important to emphasize that the first educators are the parents and they are the ones who have the difficult but beautiful task of teaching their children to be “people” to be “good human beings” and to make what they do for them become in actions that result in positive results, in benefit for the development of the children, the family and the society that will receive them and this is achieved not only with dialogue,


Autonomy is part of this stage, that is, children can act according to their own criteria, which are strong enough to allow them to differentiate between right and wrong.


It is because of all this, that although each child is a different “world”, I agree that they go through the same stages, and that success in the acquisition of norms and values ​​depends to a large extent on the role played by parents and their constant participation. and the time they dedicate to their most precious beings.