Teaching of SCIENCES in School Didactics

The Scientific Culture Project, developed in the CNIIE (National Center for Innovation and Educational Research) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, has among its lines of action, the promotion of scientific culture and, therefore, we want to contribute to the dissemination of ON, a useful resource for scientific dissemination that covers all stages of education.

KINDLE is science education in School Teaching, a project of the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE), which since 2010 has been supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation.

Among its objectives are : Promoting science enrichment class as a fundamental element of culture and empowering them from the earliest stages of the education system, involving the whole society and working towards a sensitized, educated and trained citizenry in science enrichment class, to bridge the gap between educational community and the scientific community and finally,  encourage scientific vocations , to contribute to the Spanish society, in all levels and estates, is more cultured, prosperous and advanced in knowledge.

The work actions that ENCIENDE presents focus on three areas: the social, through the family and the public spaces of access to science (museums, planetariums, etc.) and their experts; the school environment, represented by schools and teachers, and the scientist made up of scientists and the facilities where science is generated and developed.

Within the platform IGNITE, you can participate openly as a teacher, scientist, researcher, communicator of science, family, as well as a person who is interested in improving the teaching of science in our country.

Some of the possibilities offered by the portal are:

Find offers from environmental scientists willing to approach the school and collaborate in demonstration workshops, talks on a specific topic, classroom experiments … or publish a demand to find this resource.

Share resources and quality educational projects.

Consult or contribute to the Bulletin of scientific disclosure.
Access news and links with other national and international educational platforms.
Participate in the ENERGY awards for projects to bring science closer to the school.

Participate in discussion forums with scientists and other teachers.
Some of the resources offered by the ENERGY portal, based on scientific dissemination, are:

Blog IGNITE: To follow the news ON and other events related to the teaching of science.

Awards IGNITE: For innovative and creative educational projects that promote scientific practices in the classroom.

Symposium ON: Next March the second ONCE Symposium will be held, in which the ON awards will be awarded.