Resources, Sequences and Books: How Do You Organize Your Classes?

The large amount of digital educational resources has enriched the classes, since it gives us enormous possibilities to personalize and improve the learning process of our students. However, in order for these resources to be part of everyday life, it is necessary to be able to integrate them into the maths enrichment class singapore and make them accessible in a sequenced manner.


Currently, the number of didactic materials that enter a classroom has increased tremendously. We have gone from using similar elements in all classes, such as tables and chairs, blackboard, notebooks, pens, or textbooks; to coexist with new guests as diverse as tablets , computers, the PDI , mobile phones, digital educational resources, videos, social networks … the possible tools are more and more!


How do we organize all these diverse materials?

The function of the didactic sequence is precisely to be able to organize and plan the learning actions that we will carry out in order to achieve the didactic objectives . To do this, we will define what activities we will perform, what resources we will use in each one, how much time we will spend, how we will evaluate the evolution of each student and the achievement of the objectives, etc.

Teaching was born with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing, classifying and making available to the entire educational community the digital educational resources that were distributed through the network, but now we want to go a step further and give the possibility that each teacher can program a simple and fast way your teaching units.


How to create a didactic sequence?

From today you can adapt, customize, enrich or create your teaching sequences in Teaching . You will be able to mix the contents and activities that the textbook offers you with those resources that are better adapted to the needs of your students and that are available through the search engine.


To do so, you just have to follow these simple steps:

Access your Tiching account . If you still do not have it, you can join for free from here (link register).


Once inside, go to your library, where you will find the button that allows you to ” Add new content”.


Click on that button and select “Create Sequence”, thus opening a new window.

Then, you can ” Create activities” by dragging resources from your library, searching in Teaching or even adding some new ones.


You can also “Add educational information”. You can define the objectives, the evaluation criteria, or the time; as well as course, subject and other relevant information.


Once you have the sequence to your liking, you just have to click on ” Save Sequence “, and you will already have it available in your library.


In addition, you can also organize your didactic sequences in textbooks fully customized and adapted to the characteristics of your class. Not only can you create the necessary didactic sequences yourself, but you can use and adapt the didactic sequences of your classmates and end up creating a unique and very complete textbook.