Key Factors for Choosing a School That Respects Children

The registration period arrives and some families usually feel a lot of doubts when selecting a school for their children.

Personally, the two factors that have always conditioned me when choosing a school for my daughter have been: the proximity of our home to the school and the pedagogical project of the center. That these two factors were reconciled for me would be ideal but for different circumstances in the end I always had to choose between one and the other learning centre singapore

(1) That is close to home

First of all, there is the issue of closeness. For some families it is very important to be able to walk to the school of the town or neighborhood where they live, also keep in mind that the children of the school will be the same as we will find in the park so our son will already know them.

This has always been one of my great doubts when choosing a school for my daughter since some years we live very close to the school where we went and it was very nice to have her so close and find the same friends in the square or in the Supermarket.

For me this is the ideal: find a school that you like near where you live. But it is not always easy.

On the other hand it is not a drama not to live nearby, my daughter has friends in the town where she lives, in her school, in the dance class … She has different friendships and the truth is that if I think of myself I also have different friendships which sometimes I join the residence, sometimes work, sometimes a hobby …

The biggest inconvenience we find are the commuting by car in the morning or if we go to a birthday of a school friend, but in this life everything is attitude (the other day I read that we are 10% of what happens to us and the 90 % of how we take things in. I do not think it’s that extreme but it gave me a lot to think about), so if we’re convinced of what we’re doing, it will not be an exaggerated effort.

It really is a difficult question to leave aside and that counts a lot when choosing the school where we want to go.

(2) The pedagogical project of the center

Another point to consider is the pedagogical method that is carried out in the school.

For me this is what weighs more, I suppose than for my professional trajectory and for trying to offer what I believe that is going to provide more tools in the present and in the future to my daughter. I consider it very important to offer a quality education to my daughter, which is why I have always been very concerned about trying to find one that adapts to the way I understand education. If I do not believe in school, how can I leave my daughter there for 5 hours straight day after day and year after year?