How To Prevent My Son from Skipping School

Several studies have confirmed that the students whose attendance to classes is perfect or very high, end up with better evaluations and a better performance than the students that are missing regularly.

The constant assistance to the classrooms, in addition to being an indispensable requirement to study their subjects, benefits your children in various areas such as the optimization of their cognitive processes, helps them to learn to be constant, to assume firm commitments, to have clear priorities, to master the necessary knowledge with greater speed and depth, among many others.

How to prevent my son from missing classes? As a parent, you must teach your children that attending school is their priority as this will be a fundamental part of their success, both academically, personally and in the future, professionally. Here is the success way for your children tuition centre singapore .

Know when it is necessary to miss

There are times when the absences of our children are justified, are valid and even recommendable for various reasons: these are absences due to health reasons. If your child feels bad, and as a parent you think attending will affect their performance that day, it is better to let them stay at home so that they rest, if necessary, to visit a doctor, so their recovery will be faster and when they return to school. classrooms can do it with more encouragement to perform their tasks.

Identify reasons

If your child does not want to attend classes for a reason other than health, the most important thing is to talk with them to identify such a reason. Avoiding school absenteeism is very complicated and there are two main reasons why a student has a negative attitude of attending classes, the first implies a profound disinterest in studying; the second, because a partner influences such a decision (either because perhaps such a partner intimidates our child or because it influences him to lose interest in attending).

Finding solutions

After having identified the reasons, it is time to reflect on how to solve the problem. If the absences are due to the lack of interest of our son in the academic field, we should encourage that trend from home, perhaps through interactive material that arouses their curiosity, explaining the importance of learning and what it will mean for their future.

If the reason is the second, talking with our child is the first step, you need to know that you are supported and understood, so that you understand that you are not alone and that everything has a solution. Help him to talk with the partner who bothers him or forces him to miss, talk with the child’s parents, with the teachers or with the academic authorities if necessary. The above will prevent the problem escalates to higher levels, hence the importance of having a good relationship between teachers and students .

What can we do as parents

The main thing that we must understand is that, as parents, what we have to do is educate our children to be free people, however, we must teach them to be responsible for that freedom and to assume commitments for themselves. You must make your son understand that he is the master of his decisions, that he internalizes that sense of duty and good judgment; But above all, to understand that you trust him and that skipping school is a reason to break that feeling of confidence. Take into account that there are people who influence the development of children.

Conversing with our children about the issues that concern them is an excellent opportunity to encourage them to use their freedom, commitment and responsibility. Try not to adopt an attitude of vigilance, as we can make our son lose confidence in us and lose the door of conversation. If as a parent you notice signs of violence or aggression, anguish or sadness, it may be necessary to seek the advice of a professional.

Missing classes both periodically and regularly is a real problem that as parents we must face. To avoid it, always motivates the success of your child even if it is not through the academic way (through art, sports or some other cultural activity). You should always be on the lookout for school issues and show interest, you can also get involved in school activities and thus have presence and good relations with the academic staff. There are many ways to prevent our child from missing classes, and depending on the case, the solutions will be different. Maintaining good communication with them is the most important thing.