8 Tricks To Improve Learning

We love making available to all blog readers a wide variety of tips, tools, techniques, applications and tips to improve learning.

That’s why on this occasion we suggest you learning centre singapore for both children and adults who want to acquire new knowledge day after day.

Some tricks to improve learning that are most effective despite its simplicity and that will make it possible for your children to concentrate better on their studies and improve their grades in school. Do you encourage yourself to know them?

8 tricks to improve the learning of young and old

Study in a noise-free space

One of the first steps to follow when improving learning is focused on creating a study room where the children can do their homework and review the lessons.

This space should be as quiet and quiet as possible in order to help children and young people to pay maximum attention to their studies and not lose concentration.

Avoid distractions

The tablets, mobile phones and video game consoles will have to remain in the background when the children begin to study and do their homework, since they often pay more attention to this type of device if they have it close to the lessons that they must learn.

Use of mnemonics

The mnemonic, also known as mnemotechnic, can be defined as an intellectual process consisting of creating a link to remember certain data.

The web platform team examples.co explains it with a very simple example to remember the word ” Cartagena ” thinking of a letter that one person writes to another, that is, in a third-party letter, which allows to remember the name of this Spanish city with ease. Do not forget that it is possible to apply mnemonic techniques in any field.

Take advantage of the educational games

Another trick to improve learning that will be very helpful for your children or students is to resort to educational games, which promote learning by encouraging children to acquire knowledge while having fun.

Prepare notes

Although there are many people who study using traditional textbooks, many experts recommend young and old to write notes in their own words.

A very effective technique that allows to better understand the subject matter being studied and to remember dates, names and data with greater ease.

Do practical exercises

Sometimes the theoretical information that students learn in school is much better to understood if combined with practical exercises.

This trick to improve learning is usually quite useful in subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and languages. Do not forget that there are more and more online platforms that make a wide variety of practical exercises available to users.

Complement the study with books and movies

Books and films are also part of this compilation of tricks to improve learning, since they allow to settle the knowledge acquired in a very pleasant way.

Imagine, for example, that your children are studying World War II and Nazism. In this case, they can complement the study by reading books, a highly successful work that reflects the lives of two children during the Nazi occupation belonging to different groups.

If the children are learning English another good idea will be to watch movies and cartoon series in English with Spanish subtitles, a good option to expand the vocabulary, stimulate hearing and improve pronunciation.