7 Secret Tips For The School

From time to time you have already learned a few tips for the education eagle for the school, which you can apply in other areas of life. In this article, I’ve put together seven secret tips for the school that will help you become more successful. They are based on my own experiences and on those that I have been tutoring for more than eight years. The tips for the school you will find integrated into the picture collages, so that they may serve as a visual reminder. If your children want to gain more knowledge, join them at science enrichment class

If you also have tips for the school that you would like to publish to the education eagle, just send me an e-mail. Of course, you can tell the seven secret tips for the school good friends, so you get better grades together.

Tip 1: Team working

Education is a community thing: Following this principle, it makes sense to work on some tasks together. This is especially true for group work or papers to be prepared together. Working together to succeed, that’s what counts. Running is not only uncool, but above all unfair. The goal is to reach the goal together.

Tip 2: Write in class

Actually, of course, so I have included in my tips for the school with this. And for the following reason: A good and complete lesson instruction forms the basis for further and in-depth study of the topic at home. Only then, when all the important points and contributions to the discussion have made it to your pages, you have a good lesson. In the follow-up of the lessons, it is important to structure what is written and put it in a clear form. Crackled hieroglyphic scripts that cannot be deciphered after two weeks do not use and even harm.

Tip 3: Organize yourself

One of the keys to success is self-organization. Those who know how to bring order into their own materials have both a decisive time advantage and an organizational advantage. Structure here means, for example, to have a separate folder for each subject in which you really include all materials, whether instruction notes or worksheets. That’s what you’re doing in chronological order. Make sure that you also make overview diagrams over and over again.

Tip 4: Behave smartly

That may sound strange, but it is quite possible to behave unintelligent in spite of existing intelligence. This means, for example, disturbances in the classroom or absolutely unbearable behaviors such as mobbing and the like. You must avoid this in any case and actively defend yourself against it, if it hits you or your classmates. This is evidence of social intelligence. Giving feedback is one of the intelligent behaviors, and so are the seven secret tips for the school, as it testifies to emotional intelligence. Try to always be appreciative. Then you have the most of the tips for the school, and therefore also of this.

Tip 5: Take care in chemistry lessons

Are you wondering why it should be worthwhile taking care of chemistry classes? The one and all comprehensive answer I cannot tell you at this point. But in the methodology of this subject it is understood to give you useful procedures and ways of thinking. It is a natural science that can train interdisciplinary skills . And that should make you sit up, because in chemistry lessons you will learn something that will help you in other places. So, if you’re dealing with terms such as analysis and synthesis in the near future, then watch out for it.

Tip 6: Take time to read

Reading trains reading skills. Reading competence, in turn, is the basis for a detailed and detailed discussion of a topic. Anyone who can read, and rightly so, will be able to absorb and process information more effectively. The text is still the most important source for humanities work, but it is also the medium in the natural sciences in which most information can be conveyed. So, whether you want to study one or the other, or just want to become more successful in school: reading is one of the key skills. Take time to read and notice how you understand and retain more.

Tip 7: Make connections

As the last of the seven secret tips for the school, he is certainly not the last. On the contrary, anyone who knows how to think in a network, in other words to make connections, will be amazed at what this ability is all about. Try to make connections between topics within a subject to get better grades. Also, between the subjects content can be transferred. This is one of the skills that brings a lot of high school grades. Practice making connections as early as possible.

Transfer tips for the school

All the tips I propose to you can be transferred to other areas of life. As a result, you learn something for life, so to speak. I hope to give you something with the tips for the school, which will accompany you on your personal path to success from now on.