6 Tips to Become a Genius in Math?

Many people think that they are naturally bad at math, and will not be able to improve in this matter. It’s wrong ! Anyone can become a genius in maths.

Studies show that having good math scores is a matter of hard work as much, if not more, than innate talent. You can become strong in math simply by dedication. Take time each day to practice math until the concepts begin to be clearer for you. If necessary, ask for help outside. A tutor, a teacher or even someone who is simply gifted in math can help you hone your skills.

You should also work on developing a healthy attitude about mathematics. Many people have a defeatist attitude on the subject and are inclined to think, “I’m not good at math now, so I’ll never be good at it. Understand that this is not the case. Most people can become strong in math with extra work.

Here are some tips for dealing with maths tuition centre singapore, understanding them, and maybe even becoming a genius.

Tip # 1 to become a math genius: Study in a distraction-free environment

If you are not a math genius, you need to make sure you study in an environment that allows for concentration. Before sitting down to practice, find a place free from outside stimuli that can cause distraction.


  • Find an area where there is not much noise or bustle. A quiet cafe could work, or an office in your room. Any place where you feel good. But do not forget your calculator! At worst, you’ll be left with Numi, the Mac super calculator that’s taking over everywhere.
  • Minimize distractions in front of you. Disconnect from the Internet and put away your phone.
  • If you like music during your studies, opt for instrumental music. Music with loud lyrics or music can be distracting when you study.

Tip # 2 to become a math genius: Take the time to practice each day

There is no real secret to becoming smart in math. It all comes down to dedication. If you want to have good grades in maths tuition centre singapore, hard work is the key. You will need to practice every day until you begin to understand the underlying concepts behind mathematics.

  • Respect a schedule.

See where you can integrate a little study time every day. Maybe you usually have a little time in the early evening. You could plan to study math from 6 to 7 every night before dinner.

  • Try not to study for hours and hours in a row. It can create stress. Study for one or two hours each day.

Tip # 3 to become a math genius: Learn the logic and process involved in solving a problem

Maths are sequential. Many people think that they have to memorize concepts and formulas, or draw the answer in their head before starting. It is not productive. Instead, try to understand the concepts behind mathematics. If you see how and why an equation works, you can remember it more easily.

  • Mathematical theory may seem complicated, but with a little bit of work, you can begin to understand. In math class, do not hesitate to ask why. Why does the Pythagorean theorem work? How does the quadratic equation work at a logical level?
  • Understanding the underlying concepts is much more productive than simply memorizing. If you understand something in depth, you will find it easier to work with. You will be better equipped to check your answer if you understand why an equation makes sense.

Tip # 4 to become a math genius: Work on a problem one step at a time

When doing math, you want to see how to find an answer. Instead of pre-planning how you will find the answer, just work the equation one step at a time. Do not think in advance, because going slowly will allow you to see how the answer unfolds.

  • If you must first divide, focus on the division only. If you need to add up next, focus on the addition.
  • Once the problem is resolved, you can review the process. Try to understand why and how the process worked.


Tip # 5 to become a math genius: Review incorrect answers carefully

You can learn a lot from your math mistakes. When you find that you have an incorrect answer, review your process. Where and how did you go wrong? Try to rework the problem, trying to find the right answer.

  • It is essential that you write your process when solving math problems. Use a pen to write down the steps you followed to solve a problem line by line. In this way, when you make a mistake, you can review your work and determine where you have difficulty.

Tip # 6 to become a math genius: Check your answers

Review your process after completing an equation. Make sure that you have calculated everything correctly and used the right process. When you check to see if you have the correct answer, you are more likely to have succeeded if you have checked your answers carefully. This will also help you to make the habit of checking the answers, which can increase the marks on an exam.

  • Checking answers can also help you better understand the theories behind mathematics.

In conclusion, many people self-sabotage with mathematics by persuading themselves that they can not do it. If you have difficulty in mathematics at high school, at university, or at another point in your schooling, you may think that you are not good at math and you simply will not be able to do it. A positive attitude can help you stay motivated and encouraged when trying to improve your math skills.