Education in Values: The Importance of Enrichment Class Singapore

Education in Values: The Importance of Enrichment Class Singapore

Have you ever wondered what is the role of education in the lives of your children? Moreover, if we focus on early childhood, what are the contributions of enrichment class singapore in values education? Of this and other related things we will talk in this post. Do not miss it!

Primary education, the gateway to social values
The education in values is crucial for the development of our children matter. The sooner we introduce them into it, the more likely it is that in their adult lives they will apply these values.

It is not a minor issue: in a world marked by great inequalities and where every day we witness humanitarian crises that endanger the rights and lives of hundreds of thousands of people, training in values is the best tool to promote principles such as solidarity, cooperation and social commitment.

However, it should be remembered that the role of training our sons and daughters does not correspond exclusively to us as parents. It is a responsibility shared with the teachers and teachers of the centers where we enroll them.


In this sense, enrichment class singapore takes on special relevance, the training cycle that takes place approximately from 6 to 12 years old, and that in a certain way becomes the entrance door of our children to the world that surrounds them. Now do you understand its importance for education in values?

Importance of primary grades: education in values
Each formative cycle, from the most elementary to the most complex and specialized, fulfills a function in our life. Generally, its evolution is progressive, like the one we experience as people and professionals.

In the case of enrichment class singapore, which in Spain is divided into six grades, it is the basis on which part of the talents, skills and, of course, the personality and perspective of the reality of our children are developed. . Accompany us to review other elements that reflect the importance of this formative stage:

Management of concepts
In this stage children approach for the first time the study of concepts and ideas that have to do with their role in the world and their relationships with others. Being almost all of an abstract nature, recreational or visual resources favor a greater understanding. Among these concepts are social values.

Development of attitudes and skills
Also in this formative stage is when our children discover or outline their first skills or talents. It does not matter that later, as adults, they do not dedicate themselves to it. What is really important is the finding itself, since it serves as a form of self-knowledge.

Between 6 and 12 years old, children put their responsibility to the test when they take on tasks or tasks on their own. It is the ideal stage to make them see the virtues of being independent and having their own criteria.

First experiences of socialization
In addition to the basic knowledge provided in the courses that are part of enrichment class singapore, this stage is essential to determine how children relate to their peers and their environment. In it, the first affective bonds with third parties appear and the relations of friendship, companionship, solidarity, etc.

Finally, bear in mind the following information: the teaching of universal enrichment class singapore was one of the goals set by the United Nations Organization in the Millennium Development Goals published in 2000.